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    Meet our people

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    Meet our people

    It’s our people that make AES a great place to work

    AES people around the world share a passion for improving lives and creating a greener, smarter energy future. With their innovative spirit and commitment to our values, our people are working around the clock with our stakeholders to create award-winning energy solutions.



    Meet the people working together to accelerate the future of energy.

    Anna Maria Cezar

    Anna Maria Cezar, Human Resources Operations Analyst

    Anna began her career at AES as an intern and, after the internship ended, joined the company on a permanent basis. To Anna, this served as proof that AES values its people and is dedicated to preserving and developing talent.

    Fábio Antonio dos Santos

    Fábio Antonio dos Santos, Project Analyst 

    Fábio began his career at AES Brasil in 2012 providing services to one of our third-party companies, but always had the goal of becoming fully part of the AES team.

    Lucas Antonio Silva Pereira

    Lucas Antonio Silva Pereira, Maintenance Planning Technician

    Lucas Pereira is a Maintenance Planning Technician at Alto Sertão II in Guanambi, Bahia He is focused on the company's values that drive our business in Brasil and is always available and committed to the continuity of the supply of renewable, clean and safe energy to our customers.

    Carliane Barboza Pais Lima

    Carliane Barboza Pais Lima, Administrative Analyst

    Carliane works with the administrative functions directly related to the Asset Management department at Alto Sertão II in Guanambi.


    Anderson Leno Barbosa

    Anderson Leno Barbosa, Junior Accounting Analyst

    Anderson says that he feels gratitude working at AES Brasil because of the values we bring to our customers, stakeholders, and especially our people, something he didn’t believe he would find in his working life.

    Igor Borges Luz

    Igor Borges Luz, Energy Management Analyst

    Igor began his career at AES Brasil in October 2018 when he was selected to participate in the Energy4Talent internship program.

    Willian Carlos Jorente

    Willian Carlos Jorente, Technical Administrator

    William has dedicated nearly seventeen years to supporting AES Brasil’s mission and strategy for a greener energy future. He began his career at AES as Electrical Installations Operation Technician. After eight years, he started to develop the Physical Assets Management System – PAS 55 and ISO 55001 for the company.

    Diversity, inclusion & belonging

    At AES, we believe respecting all backgrounds, differences and perspectives enables us to improve the lives of our people, customers, suppliers, contractors and the communities in which we live, work and serve. We believe an inclusive environment where people show empathy and work together to innovate and co-create solutions benefits society, our stakeholders and our business. We believe the strength of an organization and its sustainability comes through diversity, inclusion and belonging.

    Tish Mendoza Headshot

    Tish Mendoza

    Chief Human Resources Officer

    Message from the CHRO
    Our people are motivated by improving lives at AES. We’re accelerating the future of energy that’s not only smarter and cleaner but also more sustainable and inclusive. Whether our people are local or global, we work as one team.  All together, we leverage our diverse perspectives to meet changing customer needs across our markets. Everything we do is in partnership with key stakeholders to affect positive change by transforming the energy industry while also creating improved opportunities and outcomes for all.

    People at work

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