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    Our history

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    Our history

    A history of accelerating the future of energy, together

    From its founding and to today, AES has led lasting positive change in the energy sector based on its stakeholders’ most critical needs.

    We are an integrated energy platform, adaptable to the demands of our customers.

    We provide autonomy so that our customers decide the most sustainable way to meet their energy needs, in all aspects: efficiency, sustainability, availability, reliability and innovation.


    Tailored solutions, built in partnership with our customers

    From the commercialization of the energy generated by our hydro, wind and solar powerplants to the development of small- and large-scale renewable energy solutions, we present ourselves as enablers of the integration of sustainability into our clients' businesses.

    We are among the largest and most modern power generation companies in Brazil, operating in the country for over 20 years. Our hydro energy park consists of nine hydroelectric plants and three small hydroelectric plants, two wind and two solar complexes.

    alto sertao II.jpeg


    • AES Corporation acquires the Companhia de Geração de Energia Eletrica Tietê, which belonged to the government of the state of São Paulo, and this is how our company, AES Tietê, is created.


    • Our company becomes a public limited company and goes public on the São Paulo Stock Exchange. The company is currently listed on Level 3 of corporate governance of B3 S.A. - Brasil, Bolsa e Balcão.
    • We are selected, for the first time, for the Corporate Sustainability Index (ISE), of the current B3. The portfolio selects the companies that have the best performance and adopts the best practices in sustainability management and governance.


    • Dedicated to the management of hydroelectric generation assets located in the state of São Paulo, we started the construction of small hydroelectric plants (SHPs) São Joaquim and São José, on the Jaguari-Mirim River.
    • We have achieved important business certifications, such as ISO 55001, for asset management. We innovate with the use of aerial and underwater drones for the inspection of the reservoirs and the remote operation of the Bariri lock begins, one of which is part of the Tietê-Paraná waterway and allows commercial navigation.
    • Ending of bilateral energy purchase and sale contract with Eletropaulo (nowdays Enel), which ensured the contracting of almost all hydroelectric energy. With the end of this agreement, we started to execute the strategy for operating in the Free Contracting Environment (ACL)
    • The Alto Sertão II wind complex, located in Bahia, with an installed capacity of 386 MW, the Ouroeste solar complex, with an installed capacity of 144 MW and the Guaimbê solar complex, with an installed capacity of 144 MW , both located in in São Paulo.
    • We inaugurated the new Power Generation Operations Center (COGE), in Bauru (SP), with cutting edge technologies and innovation for remote and centralized management of all assets. Our assets are remotely controlled by the Power Generation Operations Center (COGE), centralized management with supervision and control of all our plants: hydro powerplants and locks, solar and wind power plants and distributed generation. It is one of the most modern and technological control centers in Brazil, operating 365 days a year to ensure safety, efficiency and reliability to our operations, ensuring the quality of the energy delivered to our customers. Part of the consumption of electricity from the Operation Center comes from renewable sources, such as photovoltaic panels with installed capacity of 117 KWp and microgrid controls.
    • We completed the acquisition of the Guaimbê Solar Complex, the first large-scale photovoltaic generation plant in the state of São Paulo. The asset added 150 MW to our portfolio, diversifying the generating sources.
    • We completed the construction of the Ouroeste Solar Complex, adding 144 MW to the company's installed capacity. AES Tietê also closes new partnerships and enters into a 582 MW purchase option agreement for greenfield wind projects in Bahia - the Tucano Wind Complex. Currently, the company has already guaranteed the sale of 55% of the energy to be generated by this project through two long-term contracts.


    • AES Tietê renews its brand and now is AES Brasil.
    • AES Brasil buys the wind complex in the Northeast on the border between Rio Grande do Norte and Ceará, the company closed the acquisition with 158.5MW of installed power.
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