Partnering with communities for the future of energy


Our commitment

To strengthen positive impact through socioeconomic and environmental partnerships that improve lives today and in the future. 


City impacted in 2022


People benefited in 2022

R$1.9 million

Social investments in 2022

Strengthening positive impact through partnerships

We are all in need of more sustainable solutions to power our lives and our world. Strong partnerships allow us to work together to integrate innovative energy solutions, develop positive social impact programs, and create long-term value within the communities.

Focus areas


Improve lives through solid partnership relationships for the sustainable development of AES Brasil and its neighboring communities. Our social impact programs are aligned with our purpose to accelerate the future of energy together and with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The pillars of social investment are: Education and Awareness, Productive Inclusion and Support for Local Development and the transversal theme of innovation, energy and sustainability.

Helping future generations to become more aware of and take ownership of the changes in their surroundings. 


Productive Inclusion and Entrepreneurship: Contributing to both local and economic improvement, and to the autonomy of the communities surrounding our facilities. 


Hydrological Safety: Contributing to the improvement of the overall life standards, promoting local and economic growth, and the self-sufficiency of the communities surrounding our facilities. 


Partnering for the environment