Innovation is the key to the future

We continuously seek innovative solutions that contribute to solving our customers' energy challenges while generating value for society.

This means thinking about new business models and technology that work together to increase the efficiency and reliability of energy for our customers while reducing environmental impacts.

Innovation platform

We work in partnership because that's how the best, most innovative solutions are created. Through our large network of partners, including startups, universities and research institutes, our customers can access our existing tools and work with us to create new products and services that meet their needs and drive change in the sector. We focus on six technological drivers.

Startup acceleration

Together with start-up accelerator Liga Ventures, we became the first company in the sector to launch a startup acceleration program in Brasil, aligned with the Research and Development (R&D) Program scope regulated by ANEEL. Through the program, we looked for companies the most important and innovative products, services or new business models, and selected eight startups out of 144 submissions, of which two will receive financial support.

Research and development

According to the R&D Program regulated by ANEEL, our investments must be directed at projects with a foundation in innovation. Our goal is to choose our investments so that they generate value for all stakeholders involved. Today, we are developing several projects and initiatives in this area.

Applying innovation

VPP Project (Virtual Power Plant) - Phase II


The first virtual power plant in Brazil

The project aims to develop an innovative management and load aggregation software for our customers, in order to bring greater transparency and simplicity in the distributed energy resources (DERs) management and new opportunities for generating additional value

Main Goal

Market insertion of a virtual power plant (VPP) solution, targeting deregulated or potentially deregulated consumers in the commercial and industrial segments, that seek greater efficiency of their energy resources, ease in hiring and managing their energy contracts

  • Duration: 16 months
  • Expected investment: 1.9M (R$)
  • Project leader: Mathias Ludwig
  • Partner: CERTI Foundation
Organized Energy Trading Platform with Blockchain Technology


New energy trading desk with Blockchain

The project will develop the first digital platform for energy commercialization in an organized over-the-counter environment; in addition, it will be possible to commercialize renewable energy certificates (IRECs)

Main Goal

Innovation in energy trading through Blockchain technology. With the new digital platform, it will be possible to commercialize contracts quickly and safely, bringing greater transparency to our customers.

In Brazil, a disorganized over-the-counter market is in operation, which favors the loss of confidence between the negotiating parties, the informality of contracts and risk of default in execution

  • Duration: 20 months
  • Expected investment: 3.5M (R$)
  • Project leader: Mathias Ludwig
  • Partner: Fohat
Digital Energy Management Platform (DEMP)


Digital energy management platform for customers in the deregulated market

The project aims to develop a customized digital platform to meet the requirements of our customers in the deregulated market, with presentation of data in a dashboard, alerts and automatic recommendations

Main Goal

Digitization and automation of internal processes for energy management of our customers, developing an optimization model using machine learning, in order to offer a tool to aid decision making to the market

  • Duration: 20 months
  • Expected investment: 1.1M (R$)
  • Project leader: Nathália Almeida
  • Partner: GreenAnt
Microgrid Project - Phase II


Distributed energy resource management system

The project will develop the first intelligent control system for microgrids in Brazil, bringing digital solutions and energy management applications that are easy to operate, low cost and multifunctional, through a software and hardware combination that is easy to install

Main Goal

Market insertion of a complete microgrid and energy management solution (software + hardware), focusing on an intelligent control system to be added to the digital energy solutions portfolio of AES Brasil, generating value for customers and new business for the company

  • Duration: 33 months
  • Expected investment: 4.6M (R$)
  • Project leader: Mathias Ludwig
  • Partner: CERTI Foundation and Cheesecake Labs
Urban Farming Project


System to optimize the cost of electricity consumed by urban farms

The project aims to develop an optimized artificial lighting system (LED) for urban farms, which are structures for food production in vertical layers in large urban centers, in order to reduce the cultivation area and to improve logistics, bringing them closer to the consumption locations

Main Goal

Development of an innovative system that optimizes the artificial lighting of urban farms, making the business financially viable by reducing operating and acquisition costs. In addition to increasing the productivity of vertical farms by using more suitable light frequencies for cultivation, food production closer to urban centers reduces both losses and emissions of greenhouse gases resulting from the transportation of these perishable goods

  • Duration: 28 months
  • Expected investment: 2.8M (R$)
  • Project leader: Eduardo Heraldo
  • Partner: BeGreen and CSEM Brasil
Green Hydrogen Project


The project will develop a domestic water electrolysis system for green hydrogen production to be used in dual fuel generator sets (H2 - Biodiesel) as a solution for energy storage and decarbonization of thermal generation

Main Goal

Development of a low-cost electrolyzer to produce green hydrogen on site, as well as a conversion kit for diesel generator sets to operate in combination with hydrogen, aiming to replace fossil fuels and considerably reduce current greenhouse gas emissions

  • Duration: 30 months
  • Expected investment: 4.5M (R$)
  • Project leader: Eduardo Heraldo
  • Partner: Hytron and IATI
Chimerism Project - Phase II


Restocking of the Tietê River basin with endangered fish species using the “surrogate” technique

The project will develop and apply an advanced technique of fish reproduction (Chimerism), through the transfusion of a gene from an endangered species to another of greater quantity, commonly known as “fish surrogacy”

Main Goal

Ensure adequate levels of biodiversity and reproduction in AES Brasil’s reservoirs, so that we still have species like Bagre-Sapo populating the Tietê River. Through the technique developed in the project and the application of advanced reproductive biotechnologies in fish, the conservation of the river's biodiversity and its natural flow is sought without harming the Environment

  • Duration: 48 months
  • Expected investment: 1.5M (R$)
  • Project leader: Guilherme Maia
  • Partner: FUNDIBIO
Electromobility Project


Study of new business models in the electric mobility segment

The project will study and develop new business models using a digital EV charging management platform and installing electric vehicle charging infrastructure to perform proofs of concepts

Main Goal

Incentive urban and sustainable electric mobility through the execution of proofs of concepts with our partners and testing of different business models, in order to reinforce the importance of the participation of the electric sector in this structural transformation

  • Duration: 30 months
  • Expected investment: 5.3M (R$)
  • Project leader: Mathias Ludwig
  • Partner: Barassa & Cruz Consulting, MOVE and Electric Mobility Brasil
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