Innovation is the key to the future

We continuously seek innovative solutions that contribute to solving our customers' energy challenges while generating value for society.

This means thinking about new business models and technology that work together to increase the efficiency and reliability of energy for our customers while reducing environmental impacts.

Innovation platform

We work in partnership because that's how the best, most innovative solutions are created. Through our large network of partners, including startups, universities and research institutes, our customers can access our existing tools and work with us to create new products and services that meet their needs and drive change in the sector. We focus on six technological drivers.

Startup acceleration

Together with start-up accelerator Liga Ventures, we became the first company in the sector to launch a startup acceleration program in Brasil, aligned with the Research and Development (R&D) Program scope regulated by ANEEL. Through the program, we looked for companies the most important and innovative products, services or new business models, and selected eight startups out of 144 submissions, of which two will receive financial support.

Research and development

According to the R&D Program regulated by ANEEL, our investments must be directed at projects with a foundation in innovation. Our goal is to choose our investments so that they generate value for all stakeholders involved. Today, we are developing several projects and initiatives in this area.

Applying innovation

Project AutoPilot

What is it?

Development of an integrated system for energy management of DERs (Distributed Energy Resources), based on optimizing load curves of consumer units through the implementation of a microgrid with automated operation, accompanied by customized energy management tailored to the real needs of customers aiming at reducing electricity costs.

Main Objective

The main objective of the project is to manage and optimize distributed energy resources of consumer units (such as photovoltaic panels, diesel generators, batteries, electric vehicles, among others), with subsequent validation of the system's functionalities in industrial and commercial customers, allowing:

  • Self-sufficient solution at the edge (for the consumer unit);
  • Scalability and availability; and
  • Easy maintenance and evolution (extendable).
  • Partners: GreenAnt and Instituto Atlantico
  • Duration: 18 months
  • Projected Investment: R$ 3.5 million
  • Project Leader: Priscilla Ghisi
Project Green Hydrogen Sync

What is it?

Technical and regulatory enablers for the establishment of a synchronous green hydrogen market in Brazil.

Main Objective

Investigate and develop enabling elements for the creation of a synchronous green hydrogen market in Brazil. The project will investigate the technical, commercial, and regulatory conditions to enable the international Green Hydrogen Synchronous market.

  • Partners: Essenz Soluções Técnico-Econômicas em Projetos e Estudos Regulatórios and G. Susteras Assessoria
  • Duration: 18 months
  • Projected Investment: R$ 1.7 million
  • Project Leaders: Eduardo Heraldo and Priscilla Ghisi
Project Energy Fund Phase II

What is it?

Software and methodology for a unique operational model for energy trading in the Free Contracting Environment (ACL).

Main Objective

Develop the necessary system and methodology to operationalize an innovative business model in the Brazilian energy trading sector, inspired by the dynamics of investment funds in the traditional financial market. Additionally, the project will develop the entire negotiation, management, and business process methodology, as well as the operating manual for the companies that will provide the services, an energy manager, and a financial manager.

  • Duration: 33 months
  • Projected Investment: R$ 3.2 million
  • Project Leader: Priscilla Ghisi
  • Partner: Navarra Tech
Project O&M for Wind Farms

What is it?

Development of a system for optimization and planning of O&M in wind turbines based on data science.

Main Objective

Create a web system that optimizes the operation and maintenance (O&M) of wind farms, meeting the needs of companies in the energy sector interested in improving their O&M processes. The system will allow monitoring machine condition, generating customized maintenance tasks, creating performance indicators, implementing reliability and maintainability curves, as well as applying machine learning models to optimize maintenance intervals.

  • Duration: 24 months
  • Projected Investment: R$ 2.5 million
  • Project Leader: Priscilla Ghisi
  • Partner: AQtech
Project Chimerism - Phase II

What is it?

Restocking the Tietê River basin with endangered species using the "fish surrogacy" technique.

Main Objective

Ensure adequate levels of biodiversity and reproduction in AES Brasil reservoirs, so that species like the Catfish continue to populate the Tietê River. Through the technique developed in the project and the application of advanced reproductive biotechnologies in fish, the project seeks to conserve the river's biodiversity and natural flow without harming the environment.

  • Duration: 48 months
  • Projected Investment: R$ 1.5 million
  • Project Leader: Guilherme Maia
  • Partner: FUNDIBIO
Project Sustainable Exploration of Natural Compounds in Macrophytes of Hydroelectric Reservoirs

What is it?

This project aims to explore sustainably the natural compounds present in macrophytes found in hydroelectric reservoirs.

Main Objective

Develop sustainable alternatives for controlling aquatic vegetation in the reservoirs of Hydroelectric Power Plants (HPPs), by exploring plant biodiversity to create products based on biomass, plant extracts, or specific natural compounds.

  • Duration: 36 months
  • Projected Investment: R$ 1.7 million
  • Project Leader: Eduardo Heraldo
  • Partner: BioAtiva
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