Accelerating the future of energy for nearly 25 years, AES Brasil is a renewable energy generator. The Company delivers innovative and tailor-made solutions to cater the customers' needs, providing them with support as an important partner in their journey towards energy transition. 

Today, AES Brasil boasts a portfolio of 100% renewable resources, totaling 5.2 GW* of contractual installed capacity, of which 2.7 GW are hydroelectric, 2.2 GW wind and 0.3 GW solar power. Also, the company currently has part of its wind and solar pipeline, still being negotiated, which could add up to 1.7 GW** of installed capacity. 

* Includes 1.0 GW for the Tucano and Cajuína projects, currently under construction 
** Subject to change according to improvements made in the projects 

Accelerating the future of energy, together


Working with you, we’re improving lives by delivering greener, smarter energy solutions the world needs.

Our values


We believe how we work is just as important as the work itself. Every day, our people and businesses around the world live out our values to bring us one step closer to accelerating a greener energy future for everyone.

AES Icon for Safety First: grey hard hat image intersected with half-circle of AES colors

Safety first

Safety is at the core of everything we do. We always identify potential risks to our people, contractors, customers, partners and communities, and measure success by how safely we conduct our work together while contributing to a greener energy future.

Highest Standards

Highest standards

We act with utmost integrity towards our people, contractors, customers, partners and communities, and hold the solutions we deliver together to global standards of excellence.

All together

We work as one team across our business and with our people, contractors, customers, partners and communities. We meet changing customer needs with agility and have fun solving meaningful challenges as a team.

So that everyone can take part in the evolution of energy.

Your energy journey starts with AES.