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AES Brasil develops activities in the Brazilian energy industry with energy generation, sale and distribution businesses. The Group has two distribution businesses, AES Eletropaulo and AES Sul, and two generation businesses, AES Uruguaiana and AES Tietê. Together, the companies account for 12.5% of Brazil’s distributed energy and 2.2% of its installed capacity.
In total, the AES Brasil has 7.6 thousand people and over 7.7 million clients in 142 cities of Brazil’s South and Southeast regions. AES Brasil started its activities in Brazil in 1997; in 2012, it transferred its headquarters to the city of Barueri, State of São Paulo. It is part of AES Corp., global company of the energy industry with generation and distribution businesses and a highly diversified portfolio. AES Corp. has business units in 21 countries, with a total of 27 thousand people – it is committed to operational excellence and to catering to the ever-changing energy consumption needs worldwide.
All the business units of AES Brasil Group, except for AES Sul, which is entirely controlled by AES, are part of holding company Companhia Brasiliana de Energia, comprised of AES Corp., which holds 50.01% of its voting capital, and of the Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES), with 49.99% of the voting capital.
Energy Distribution - Our numbers:
142 cities
203 substations
54,409 GWh2 of energy distributed to the captive market and to free clients
105,066.8 km of overhead power grid

3,134.9 km of underground power grid

3,806.5 km of overhead subtransmission line

190 km of underground subtransmission line
Energy Generation - Our numbers:
9 hydroelectric power plants
3 small hydro projects
1 thermo power stations
Installed capacity: 2,658 MW
Energy generation: 14.27 TWh
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